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Cassandra's Search Problem

This is not a post about implementing search using Cassandra. This is a post about the challenges of learning about Cassandra on the internet. If a new user has a question about Cassandra there are several ways to look for answers:

Nonetheless, most people just google it. This is where the trouble starts. Cassandra has changed a lot in a short period of time, going from the thrift API to CQL 2 to CQL 3. There are still a lot of blog posts and documentation out there using the old APIs, so if you run a search it’s very easy to end up reading about things that are not current best practices, like super columns, the thrift api, cassandra-cli, etc.

New users are better off following current best practices like using Cassandra 1.2 with CQL 3, but it’s easy for them to be thrown off track by old content.

Over time the newer content will start to creep up the search results, but right now I think this is a problem.