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Speaking at Percona Live 2014

This April I am speaking at Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo 2014. I have always enjoyed this conference in the past, and am looking forward to participating as a speaker for the first time.

I am presenting two talks:

My first talk is for anyone who wants to make their life easier using MySQL tools. This would be a good companion talk to Daniel Nichter’s two talks on Percona Toolkit, and Shlomi Noach’s talk on common_schema. Or if you can’t make it to those talks, hopefully mine could be a useful fallback choice.

My second talk is geared towards people who are trying to decide whether to use performance_schema, especially in MySQL 5.6 and beyond where it is enabled by default. I’ll cover the overhead and benefits of performance_schema as I see them, as well as the fine-grained controls you can use to define what is instrumented and how much detail is captured.

Overall I see a lot of sessions that I would like to attend at this year’s conference. In fact there are several time slots where I already know I’m going to have a hard time picking which talk to attend. See you in Santa Clara in April!